My bass My therapist

As we all know, this time is a very hard time for most of us… I use to work in the travel industri and have been living apart from my beloved wife for over a year now, to earn for our survival. But Today I just want to tell a bit about how I handle this situation – about what helped me in the proces of keeping som kind of mental stability.

I used to have creatives job for over 25 years and right now there is absolutely not a single hint of that in my everyday work. It all comes down to stupid jokes and nonsens talking. So I went back to my old survival tool – the bass guitar! I always had a fascination for playing bass, and in the beginning of my 20’s where I had a crises a bit like now, where many days where dominated by depressions and thoughts of suicide and where it was very difficult to find hope.

My rope up in the light have been to sit down and practice on my bass, it gives me a room where it doesn’t matter what happens outside. It makes me feel stronger and feel hope. My wonderful wife deserve that I keep hope and keep fighting for our future.

I want to share this because to do something creative, something that is Art for us (maybe not for others, but who cares about that) is important. We need creativity in our everyday life, we need art, music, dancing what ever make us happy.

And we in many part of the world right now living in societies where governments only relay on numbers. They believe that human behaviours can be predicted on a excel paper – but without art we are lost…and my point is that it need to be art for us – it is the process of creating, that is the important part. And we need to insist that no society take that away from us. We must never become slaves of numbers.

I have recorded af few clip form my bass time – and please remember I use my bass as therapist, and I really love it, but that does not mean that I am good, so please don’t judge me on my playing standard

Long improvisation on loneliness
a bit funky improvisation therapist

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