Lanna winter

After a wonderful Loy Krathong in end of november, we where ready for the good and long month of december, where we really had time to enjoy life and each other.

We where so lucky to start december with visit from Odense, Denmark, a good chance for us to go trekking to Chiang Dao, 80 km north of Chiang Mai. Before we did so, we join many Thai people in the celebration of HM King of Thailand 85th Birthday on 5th December. It was truly a proud day for Thailand…:) To stand with the candlelight and you know that milions ( beside the 100s of people next to you ) of people in the country is doing the same thing….is just a fantastic feeling…..:)

On one of the most beautiful mornings on 7th December we set out to the starting point, Chiang Dao Nest, a wonderful lay back resort surrounded by mountains. after a very warm welcomes af the host, we drive around 30 minutes to the starting point. The weather was absolutely perfect! completely blue sky and not to hot. That clear sky gave one of the very fantastic experience, when we, in the evening, sit and look at the stars – and we saw the satellites running full speed over the sky – but I was the only one that saw a shooting star..:) It was a great moment..! It almost got beat by having breakfast in the shade of the most wonderful mountains and enjoying the morning fog come up from the downhill fields…:) It just make the local grown coffee taste even better….:)

we did trekking for 2 days, and visit Lasu and Hmong hilltribe people, and add the fantastic nature, good company, then this was just a fantastic combination.

The next big thing for us in December is today,, the 15th December…:) Patarathorn and I have been together for 8 years, and that is a very special time for us. We have a lot of good time and some bad time – but we will always be together…:) 🙂 It is simply the only right thing for us ..:)

And as more plus add, we have wonderful friends that help to arrange a nice evening for us in their cafe – Mong Pearl Cafe in Chiang Mai…:)

So a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all of you 🙂 and remember that we are all creating our own life..:) for the most basic part anyway.:)



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